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Whatever treatment you choose, you are guaranteed that I have years of experience and have a number of skills and techniques to help you. Sometimes, a mixture of the types of Massage listed below will be used, or we'll focus on one in particular if that seems more appropriate for you. Sometimes, you may not really know what your problems are or what you result you would like, and in that case, you may let me choose how best to address those.

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Relaxation Massage 60 - 90 minutes recommended (£65 - £80)
A wonderfully relaxing experience where areas of tension can be literally smoothed away, and the mind becomes still. Often uses more flowing and slower stokes

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 45 or 60 minutes recommended (£50 or £65)
This treatment targets those parts of the body where there may be pain, restricted movement, or knots of muscles. Examples might be the shoulders or legs. You will not taken beyond your pain levels but rather work with me. This is not a Sports Massage

Myofascial Release Therapy 60 mins recommended (£65)
An increasingly popular treatment, though still relatively unknown, this works by accessing the fascia level of the body. The fascia is one big network which wraps around organs and muscles and affects nerve,, and blood flow. The fascia can become stuck through posture, injury or trauma. Cell memory also exists in the fascia and can be triggered or released through this treatment. Although it is very effective, it is actually a very gentle treatment to experience. It works by first, going deep down to the fascia level, then allowing the body to unwind or release itself if it is ready to do so. Good for conditions such as Fibromyalgia, M.E., Bells Palsy or any facial conditions, Respiratory conditions or Emotional issues.

Pregnancy Massage 60 - 90 minutes recommended (£65 - £80)
The main purpose of this treatment is to completely relax the body safely, as well as target specific pregnancy related issues such as nausea, cramps or breathlessness. It is applied in a side lying position, with minimum of movement. For the last 5 or 10 minutes, work will be applied to the face and neck lying on the back. If there are any complications arising from your pregnancy you are encouraged to ask your midwife or GP if massage is recommended prior to booking.

Massage Therapy for Chronic condition 45 - 60 minutes recommended (£40 - £50)
Although you may think that Massage is simply for relaxation purposes, it can also be effective in treating chronic conditions, such as recurring Headaches, Sinusitis, Respiratory issues, Hip or Lower Back pain, or Digestive problems. For these, specific techniques, such as stretching, work to acupressure points or releasing the deep connective tissue would be used to target the condition.

Indian Head Massage 30 minute treatment (£30)
Working to the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp, this treatment targets many of the areas where problems arise from our 21st century life style. Good for shoulder and neck tension, headaches, sinuses, hair loss, and re- energising. It is applied in a seated position through a light layer of clothing.

Scar Tissue work 30 minutes initially (£30)
This is a pioneering treatment which aims at re-integrating scar tissue back into the body's network: it helps to soothe out lumps and bumps, fill in any 'holes', and relieve any sense of constriction to the area. Scars new or old can all be treated. It is a very gentle technique using the lightest fingertip pressure. Scar work can be combined with other techniques. I am one of only 86 graduates in the country, so far.

Reiki Healing Therapy 45 or 60 minutes (£40 or £50)
This is an ancient form of healing. 'Rei' means universal, and 'Ki' means life energy- the same as Chinese 'Chi' or Indian 'Prana'. Reiki works by activating the body's natural ability to heal itself. It is a wonderfully gentle and non-intrusive treatment to receive, using only a very light pressure. Clients report feeling a great sense of calm and peace, plus a greater awareness.

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