Massage Therapy West Ealing With Moira Johnson

Some Benefits for you from my treatments:

  • aids relaxation and eases stress and tension
  • reduces pain and discomfort
  • addresses your health issues - muscular, chronic or emotional
  • promotes your own healing capacity
  • helps you understand your body more and how to manage your situation

Massage can specifically help with particular conditions: Arthritis, Asthma, Respiratory issues, Circulation Issues, Digestive Disorders, Fibromyalgia and ME, Headaches and Migraines, Mobility restriction, Muscular aches and pains, Relaxation,Scar Tissue issues, Sinusitis, Stress Related disorders.

The benefits are numerous and wide ranging, but here is a sample of what my clients have said:
'I feel lighter and easier'
'My pain has completely eased- can't believe its not there any more!
'I feel so relaxed that I could sleep here on the treatment bed'
'My headache has gone'
'I feel so much taller, and my neck and shoulders are so much looser'
'I do feel as if I can breathe more easily now'
'I feel calmer and more grounded'

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I first trained in Therapeutic Massage in 1986, long before Massage and other Alternative Therapies had entered the mainstream and our High streets. As with many other Therapists I know, my interest evolved through my own dissatisfaction with conventional NHS treatment for a health condition which I had had for many years. I began to look for other solutions and discovered a whole new world of Alternative Therapy. It worked, and I've been hooked every since!

Over the years, I've followed various courses, attended numerous workshops and continue to discover how fascinating our bodies are, and how closely connected they are to our minds and emotions. In my treatments, I use all this experience and knowledge together with listening and awareness.

Each treatment feels new, and while I judge where to begin, I never know where it will lead to. I follow what your body needs.
Call me on 07870780 072 or 0208 230 5655 to find out more.

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