Massage Therapy West Ealing With Moira Johnson


'From the very moment I stepped in, Moira's experience and professionalism in the art of therapeutic massage treatment was very clear to see and feel. With carefulness, yet with all the right strength and precise pressure, years and years of stiff muscles and even scarring tissue mass was lifted and I felt relieved, relaxed and very happy indeed!
Thankyou beautiful Moira for an hour of bliss!'
'An excellent session yesterday - thank you. The impingement feels much better: let’s hope that the improvement continues.' Ian

'Tell Moira that I woke up a few days after her treatment with no pain. I couldn't believe it.' Rosy

'I feel wonderful! When you haven't been able to hug and touch for so long, it feels even better.' Ian
'You've been doing this for a long time, I can tell.' Emily

'I didn't think at the time that you were working deeply enough into my shoulders, but it turned out that your Massage was the most effective of any of the other Massages I've ever had.' Catherine G
December 2020
'It was a really lovely experience - this salon, this treatment. Thank you.' Heled

'Wearing a mask did not at all impact on the pleasure of the Massage.' Carol

'I missed being touched during all this Covid time. It's so lovely to have a Massage.' Katie, September 2020

'I felt a lot of change immediately after the massage. I was very spaced out when I left the salon and then went home and slept for several hours. Now all that tension in my back has gone, especially in the lower back where I had injured it recently. 
When I've since been in stressful situations, I haven't felt it in my back, neck or shoulders. I've also been able to have more restful sleep since the massage.  
Thank you so much, I was very impressed by how hard you worked and the amount you achieved in the time. Thanks again for all that you did,'
Zoe, January 2020

'I feel as if I've had a real yoga workout! That was great, thank you.' Gina, December 2019

'My face feels so much looser now. I have tried to massage it myself but it didn't work. Thank you.' Sian, after a Mysofascial Release Treatment, November 2019

'I find that it's the mental calm which is the most beneficial for me.' Richard, October 2019

'My sinuses have completely cleared up, now that you've treated them.' Ian, October 2019

'My legs feel so much better, thanks. I'm not walking around like John Wayne!' Sheila, September 2019

I felt very chilled out after my session, thank you. I slept really well that night too! Really looking forward to my next one.' Terri August 2019

'That feels so much better. The pain has just gone.' Laura June 2019

'I haven't found any physiotherapist like you. If you are still in the profession, keep up the good work. You helped me a lot during my recovery time.'Harsh- one of my clients who came to me for several years in Hounslow, April 2019
'I've walked home with more pace, energy and purpose than I've felt in a couple of weeks, even with the heavy laptop! And just realised that I wasn't dawdling half-heartedly along. Thank you Moira.'
Katie, March 2019

'I'm floating out of here after your treatment.' Rupin, February 2019

'Suberbe!'Madeleine, fluent in French, and recovering from Glandular Fever

'My shoulder pain has gone now, as I knew it would be after seeing you.' Noor, January 2019

'I took your suggestion and now have a cleaner. It has made so much difference to my life'. Harpreet, October 2018

'You are so holistic, it's unbelievable'. Carolyn, October 2018'

'That was amazing. You have really soft hands' Afsha, after a Pregnancy Massage, September 2018

'I was having this pain all the time and couldn't even use my hand. Now it's so much better since seeing you and I can do much more.' Ivy, July 2018

'It's very unusual to meet a Massage Therapist who is so knowledgeable across different areas.' Jacob, July 2018

'The sensation of pins and needles went away after my (Myofascial) treatment with you last month.' Bhajit, June 2018

'It always smells like a Spa in here - so relaxing and inviting.' Hasu, February 2018

' I feel so relaxed after that treatment, I could just fall asleep.'
Natassia, after a Pregnancy Massage, February 2018

'Thanks for your newsletters, which I greatly enjoy. They are full of information, lovely quotes and lots of wisdom.'
Sasha, January 2018

'I really enjoy my sessions with you. You put your heart and soul into the treatment.'
Belinda, December 2017

'I completely switched off - my mind just stopped and I was elsewhere. That was remarkable! and just what I needed.'
Martyn (his first experience of Massage and recommended for his stress overload), November 2017

'I've noticed the improvements in my face are staying now and not relapsing at all'
Sian (who had Bell's Palsy) November 2017

'Thank you- it did help me a lot and I had a great sleep as a result. I will try to book again soon with you as I feel it helps me very much.'
Rupin, October 2017

I'm not getting my pain any more and I think it's because I am coming to you regularly! Massage is so pro-active.'
Sheila S, Feltham, August 2017

'You truly have a gift of following what's going on inside the body.'
Aaliyah, who is at a cross roads in her life

'I was going to contact you about the treatment. Considering it was so gentle, it was incredibly effective. The whole area has never felt feels 'liberated', more mobility even in my shoulder area.
I'll definitely be booking another appointment in the next 2-3 weeks.'
Yvonne, after work on her Scar, May 2017

'After the Reiki treatment I felt calm, no anxiety, pain or headache. The intense pain that I had left in my chest has gone but tonight slightly felt a little anxious and slight headache.'
Kiran, nearly a week after her first Reiki treatment

'I can feel the heat from your hands - like in Reiki Healing treatments, only in your hands.'
Katie, Hounslow February 2017

'I am acutely aware during my Massage of every movement and can feel the benefit of the calming and soothing effect is has on me. I do want to be in the treatment and not out of it as some therapists encourage'.
Jo, Hounslow February 2017

'I just wanted to say a really big thank you for my massage today. The sharp pain in my neck has really eased off, and my aching leg feels sooooo much better. I was quite down with my client's sad news but I really feel you lifted my spirit as well.'
Karen September 2016

'Moira is very good at her work and has always made me feel welcome and that I mattered to her.' Thank you'
Carmella, Bedfont April 2016

'I was pleased with the way that after the treatment, the whole scar doesn't stand out from my neck as much as it did and that the solid ridge above the scar had been broken down. But what is the real result is how it feels!.. Below the scar all the tightness in my neck has completely gone, my neck feels relaxed and I haven't felt the cord! So I'm really pleased with what you managed to do in a short time. So thank you.'
Zoe (after one 30 minute treatment), March 2016

'You must be an angel. I've never had a massage like that before. It's like a physio treatment but so much gentler.'
Caroline, Chiswick, February 2016'

'I have been going to Moira for a massage since July 2015. You end your session feeling totally relaxed. I would highly recommend a regular massage from Moira if you would like some tired and aching muscles to be treated. You only have one body to last you a life time, so look after it and give it a treat now and again' -
David, London, March 24 2016

'I’ve been to see Moira twice now and will continue to do so. I’m not sure what she does or how she does it but my aching limbs always feel like they’ve been rejuvenated. I’d highly recommend going to see Moira.
Paul, Brentford, November 04 2015

'Aged 73 and having experienced treatments from more than 25 therapists, in locations around London, and from Yorkshire down to Cornwall, I am delighted to have moved to a permanent home easily accessible to Moira’s practice. In my opinion she is simply second to none – kind, caring and highly qualified in a wide range of disciplines; enabling her to bring many skills and techniques to the table and, drawing on over 20 years experience, she has an extraordinary ability to attune to the needs of a client or patient. The fees charged are for the actual treatment time (unlike many establishments where the client often loses 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning and end of each session for dressing and/or consultation time) which makes her scale of charges very good value for money. After nearly 10 years attendance, I have come to regard my monthly treatment as an essential contribution to my health and general wellbeing.'
Chris, Weybridge, Surrey

'I cannot begin to explain my relief. Went to Moira yesterday for the first time was fantastic. I have had back pain on and off for over 14 years and used sports massage to ease the pain. Went to Moira yesterday and she worked right on the cause of pain without me having to even tell her where pain was. This is the best my back has felt in a ages will not be going anywhere else*thank you.'
Jolene Ashford, September 2015

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