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Topical Story: Stress

Stress is a perennial issue for many of us, especially at this time of year. I've come across a couple of useful short articles written recently which are highly relevant to us now, written by Life Coach Tricia Woolfrey. She describes some contemporary sources of stress: social media, our reliance on - but not control of- technology, Brexit uncertainty and the rapid speed of change.
The article provides a Stress Awareness Questionnaire which you may find useful, as well as providing Stress Resilience Strategies.

Here they are:
Sustenance: healthy food and drink for nourishment
Thinking Patterns: to broaden thinking and provide perspective
Rest and Recreation: for balance and strength
Emotional Responsiveness: for emotional awareness and appropriate responses
Sleep: to repair and rejuvenate
Supplements: to boost and support

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The second article looks at stress from a different angle: avoidance, cure or prevention.
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Tip of the Month

Watch how you carry your luggage!

Many of us travel over the Festive Break or carry larger amounts of shopping than usual.
1. Try to avoid using one large bag which will imbalance your posture. Instead, divide between 2 smaller bags
2. If carrying a shoulder bag, try to alternate the shoulders to avoid stressing neck muscles or spinal compression
3. Empty out your handbag/ briefcase/ rucksack. Only put in what you actually need for that outing.
4. Use a rucksack where possible, especially if the weight can be distributed by using a waist band feature.
5. Use luggage on wheels, and again, try to alternate which arm is pulling.
6. 'Old lady' shoppers have had a make over recently and come in much improved designs. Even art students are using them!. They do have a place and can make shopping easier for your body.

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