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Every month, I write an e-newsletter. The headings are News, Topical Stories, Client Feedback, Tips and Quote of the Month.
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Or for now, just read a section of it here. One of the Topical Stories this month was about the Government's new Guidelines on Physical Activity. and My Health Tip of the Month.

Topical Story

New Government Guidelines on Exercise

The Department of Health and Social Care has published new guidelines on the type and amount of Physical Activity for the public. (September 2019)

The guidelines emphasise the importance of building strength and balance for adults, and include recommendations for pregnant women, new mothers and disabled people. It suggests that any activity is better than none, provides recommendations for how long children should be active, that it's important to avoid long periods of being sedentary, post natal exercise is beneficial, and that activities which develop strength and flexibility should not be overlooked. It has also revised it's recommendations that short intense periods of activity are more beneficial.
Read the full report here
If you're interested in the Guidelines for Older People, press the link.

Whether for prevention of Depression, Obesity, or Heart issues, the importance of some kind of exercise is very clear. If you don't attend any class or have any exercise routine, do plenty of housework and gardening instead, walk to the shops or take the first steps to joining in a Pilates, Yoga or gentle swimming class.

Quote of the Month

Four Ways to Avoid Neck Pain

1. Check how you are using your mobile phone: avoid prolonged use, leaning over to one side, or leaning forwards to talk and to listen.

2.Check your position when using a screen. Does your head lean forward automatically? Try adjusting chair height, enlarging the font size or having an eye test.

3. Shift your shoulders: stand tall, pull the chin back (not upwards), and raise your shoulders to your ears -holding your posture still- about 20 times, then repeat the set 3 times. Do this at least 4 times daily.

4. Come for a Massage! and get personalised advice.

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