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Or for now, just read a section of it here. One of the Topical Stories this month was about the Benefits of Walking Barefoot. and Quote of the Month.

Topical Story

Barefood Walking

This was a fascinating blog written by the owner or Ayuveda Pura in London, extolling the health benefits of walking barefoot: 'to be able to connect and feel grounded from within.' As it's summer, it seems a perfect time to share this with you.

Benefits: Walking barefoot can help to restore better gait and balance. Good balance helps to prevent falls, for example, and is often lost as we age. If you suffer from vertigo or Parkinsons, aim to walk barefoot for 15 minutes a day. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the leg, calf, thigh, Achilles tendon. She suggests that the optimum time of day to walk is early in the morning as 'the atmosphere is nourished with energy' at that time. Best, too, on natural ground or grass. (An early morning stroll in your garden before breakfast?)

There are more subtle advantages to barefoot walking, according to the Ayuveda philosophy. Briefly, each toe represents one of the 5 elements - space, air, fire, water, earth, and when we walk barefoot, we absorb all these elements which provides a nourishing effect on the whole body. These elements, in turn, are distributed through various energy points on the foot to nourish and cleanse all the systems of the body. One example is the energy channel between the big toe and eyes and brain - keeping it alive and active.

Our feet are encased for most of the year in shoes, or poorly supported by flip flops in the summer. It's important to rediscover our contact with the earth. Many Pilates instructors focus on the feet- encouraging the weight to be spread evenly across each toe, side of foot and heel. Exercises include standing on tip toe to strengthening balance and improve posture. If the core muscle are pulled in, then this helps support balance.

Quote of the Month

Small Pleasures: Beauty in overlooked things.

A lot of what makes life worth living isn't to do with great, heroic or costly things, but with modest pleasures that are all around us, largely unnoticed, available for almost nothing. It might be a beautiful sky, the smell of freshly cut grass, or a friend who understands how we feel.

With beautiful photography and a few well-chosen words, this pack of cards draws us back to an appreciation of the overlooked ordinary, gently prompting us to remember that life is more precious and richer than we generally allow.

Small Pleasures Card Set: A set of cards which display beautiful photographs of life’s small pleasures. The accompanying text, on the reverse of each card, works with the image to create a gentle reminder of those small pleasures which we sometimes overlook.

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