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Every month, I write an e-newsletter. It's something which might help you during this period when you may not be willing to travel so much.
There are Topical Stories, Treatment of the Month (Kinesiology), Tip of the Month and Quote of the Month. Below are a couple of extracts:
Quote of the Month and Tip of the Month/B>

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Quote of the Month

Every Day

My hundred year old next door neighbour told me:
Every day is a good day if you have it
I had to think about that a minute.
She said: Every day is a present
Someone left at your birthday place at the table.
Trust me! It may not feel like that
But it's true. When you're my age
You'll know. Twelve is a treasure.
And it's up to you
To unwrap it gently,
Lift out the gleaming hours
Wrapped in tissue,

Don't miss the bottom of the box.

Naomi Shihab Nye

My Tip of the Month

Make -or have the Intention of making - one Change, however small

You all really know what's good for your health, what you could do less of, and what you could do more of. I suggest making one change in that direction. It could be:

- trying out a Pilates class
- doing a 3 minute daily meditation
- moving more: wrists, ankles, pelvis,llegs,
- daily stretching whilst you watch, listen
- changing your doctor if not happy
- begin to address your main problem
- getting out in the daylight, preferably to a green space

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