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Every month, I write an e-newsletter. It's something which might help you during this period of more restricted services.
There is Expert's Advice, Treatment of the Month (Kinesiology), Tip of the Month and Quote of the Month. Below are a couple of extracts:
One Year on: The Body Keeps the Score' , and the Quote of the Month which offers wonderful advice for these times

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One Year On: The Body Keeps the Score

Recent articles and programmes have focused on the longer term health implications of one year of Covid. It's not just the thousands now suffering from Long Covid, but those experiencing anxiety or depression fuelled by insecure and lost employment, financial stresses, home schooling, loneliness, and affecting all age ranges.
Even if you had avoided catching Covid, here's a synopsis of how it has changed our bodies 'from top to toe.'

Brain: decrease in mental health (Mind survey) and increase in loneliness.
Eyes: the surge in screen time for social interaction as well as for work related time, can lead to myopia in children, and irritated dry eyes in adults through reduced blinking, concentration and central heating. (OFCOM study, plus other European studies.)
Skin: spending more time indoors, stress, wearing of masks, change in diet, can all impact the health of your skin.
Teeth: research (Tel Aviv University) noted a rise in post pandemic levels of jaw clenching in the day, and teeth grinding at night.
Back and Neck:increased use of technology, working from home, shielding, have all contributed to sitting still for longer periods of time. This can lead to poor postural habits resulting in pain, and to loss of muscle strength.“ It doesn’t matter what position you sit in, it’s the length of time we are in that position. Our bodies are evolved for movement. Everything about the body is wired for this.' (Frampton, Movement coach) You heard about this in my last newsletters!
Weight Gain: A study (King’s College London and Ipsos Mori), found 48 per cent of respondents had put on weight during lockdown, despite the Prime Minister's drive to tackle obesity. Another survey of more than 7,700 adults in April found that 27 percent reported weight gain at the start of the pandemic, a figure that increased to 33 percent in those who were already obese.
Sleep: One study (The Sleep Charity), found that 63 percent of adults reported sleeping for longer, but with poorer quality. Numerous reasons were cited, including worry and uncertainty. The Charity advises against working in the bedroom, or checking emails before bedtime. Getting outside more into sunlight, and taking brisk walks in the morning would be beneficial.

Quote of the Month

A Gift

but there is always Kindness....
the word sits
not loaded with grand expectations
or gravitas
no fanfare or great protestations
like Love
or Compassion

like a child's hand
slipped shyly into one's own
or a cat's raspy lick on the cheek
it surprises
and passes
as a gift
from one to another

Anne Kirker 2015

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