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Every month, I write an e-newsletter. It's something which might help you during this period of more restricted services.
There is Expert's Advice, Seasonal First Aid, Tip of the Month and Quote of the Month. Below are a couple of extracts:
If you are currently looking for a Therapist - of any kind- I have some Tips for you.
If you are frustrated at the lack of time with a GP, then read my Quote of the Month below!

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My Tip of the Month: How to Find a Therapist

First, congratulate yourself on finally taking action! I am always urging clients not to ignore niggles, recurring problems, or pains. More chronic conditions can often be helped as well, so please do not be tempted to simply 'accommodate', or dismiss the issue(s) as either 'age related' or 'one of these things'.

- Ask around for any personal recommendations
- Check that the therapist is a member of a professional alliance, which, in turn, can be checked out. --
- Do they have a website you can look at for more information?
- Consider the therapist's years of experience
- Contact them first to see if they have any direct experience of working with the same condition/ issue that you have, and whether this was successful.
- Do not be swayed too much by price - it may prove to be a false economy.
- Do you like the look of them?! a gut reaction, but go with it.

Quote of the Month

A Poem in Praise of a Massage Therapist

If the GP wasn't free
Would you come to me?
Instead of eight,
You'd get sixty minutes of listening, care and attention
though, of your eight,
it could be your fate
that seven were spent on the screen.
The doctor will give you pills
and lotions and potions for all your problems and ills.

But it's me who could give you the notion
of what caused that headache, migraine, tension and ache
And you will be wiser, more in control, and able to take
those new measures, whether diet or stretch, or changes or reflection.
Or, what put it there in the first place, and that new section
of awareness may just avoid another day of discomfort, stress or pain,
so that you may not ever need to see your GP again.

Moira Johnson October 2014

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