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Every month, I write an e-newsletter. It's something which might help you during this period of more restricted services.
There are Topical Stories, Treatment of the Month (Kinesiology), Tip of the Month and Quote of the Month. Below are a couple of extracts:
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Topical Story: Cellulite: a Testimony

Do you have cellulite? Does it bother you? Should it bother you?
In an age of airbrushing, image manipulation, social media and aesthetic surgery, we are being presented with unattainable constructs of beauty. The emphasis has shifted entirely away from an appreciation of our wonderfully functional, self healing, ageing bodies with their myriad of hidden, daily operations and procedures to keep us as stable as possible.

I wanted to share this article by a model and activist, Charli Howard, who came to terms with her cellulite obsession. She acknowledges that cellulite was the best 'invented disease' of all time, as it has given rise to a huge mult-million pound industry.
'Creams, lotions, lasers, body brushes, special massages...when it came to my cellulite, you name it, I tried it. Whether it was painful, time consuming or expensive, there were no limits to my attempts to flatten the bumps. Nothing worked. I had cellulite when I religiously went to the gym for hours, when I did the 1,000 squats a day challenge, and when I had an eating disorder.'
Cellulite is not a medical condition. (Not to be confused with Cellulitis which is.) It's a description of the result of the fatty tissue which pushes its way through fibrous tissue, causing a dimply effect. It affects 85 - 98 percent of adult women, and only 10 percent of men, as female fat is typically distributed in the thighs, hips and buttocks — common areas for cellulite. It becomes more common with age, when the skin loses elasticity.

So what changed for Charli?
Two years ago, she decided to post unretouched photos of her body on Instagram: close up shots of her tummy rolls, stretchmarks and cellulite. Some comments were negative but many supportive, some calling her 'brave'. As Charli says:
'How is the act of posting a natural, non-retouched female body considered a form of bravery?...We've forgotten what real skin looks like.'
She has accepted her body as it is, including her cellulite: 'Its something which makes me 'me' and that's OK.'

Alexander Shulman, who edited Vogue magazine for 25 years, wrote this passage in her award winning memoir: 'Clothes and other things that matter', 2020:
'(In the changing room,) you lose any sense of perspective about your own body and how it has been fortunately healthy, has breastfed a child, is desired by your partner, transports you around. You forget to be thankful for these and many other physical apsects of being that so many other people aren't lucky enough to have. You don't appreciate the very real miracle of the fact that you are alive and instead, indulge in a maelstrom of self-flagellation and doubt, triggered by an overly judgemental view of what your boobs look like in your bra.'

My Tip of the Month

How to counteract your slumped position

1. First, you might like to set an alarm every 2 hours or so, or link these suggestions to another activity - eg going to the loo, answering your phone
2. Sit straight up, with the crown of your head reaching for the ceiling. (NB not the chin!)
3. Open the chest up by pulling your shoulder blades together and facing 'your heart to the sun', as in yoga terminology. You can also open up your palms to face the front.
4. Check if your tail bone is either facing out at the back or curved upwards to your middle. In either case, shift the tail bone so that is in a straight alignment with the spine, -neither curled out or up.
5. Take a few deep abdominal breaths, tracing this movement through your whole torso.
6. If possible, do not let yourself return to that slump!

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