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Every month, I write an e-newsletter. It something which might help you during this period of Lockdown! There is Expert's Advice, Seasonal First Aid, Tip of the Month and Quote of the Month. This month also gives you information about a treatment protocol' for actually dealing with the virus if you have it. It is 5,000 years old, and it can still work today!
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Experts Advice

Topical Story

New guidelines have been drawn up to send to Family Doctors to tackle the 'huge surge' in anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorders, as a result of this pandemic. The Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners stated that issues of isolation, economic devastation, the loss of relatives and colleagues, the inability to be with dying family, are seriously affecting the nation's health. Examples included children isolated from friends and school, dismay and frustration by university students, young people panicking about their life prospects, depression in lonely elderly people, trauma in health and care workers , business leaders forced to make decisions about whom to fire, and parents struggling to work from home while schooling their children. 'These are people who have previously been well, not had any past history of mental health problems, who have just been completely freaked out by this crisis. The Chairman added that there was at present, a shortage of specialists and mental health nurses to cope with the situation.

Signs of Trauma can include the following:
Psychological symptoms: flashbacks, nightmares, constant negative thoughts asking why it happened or what you could have done to prevent it.
Physical symptoms: pain, sweating, trembling, irritability, angry outbursts, sleeping problems, difficulty concentrating.
Social symptoms: becoming isolated and withdrawn, giving up activities you once enjoyed, avoiding people or places linked to the trauma.

My Tips

Does Age Matter?

'I cant climb those (10) steps, I'm 54 years of age, you know!
This comment was overheard at a theatre, and highlights the power of the mind into telling us what we can or cannot do! I know several clients who insist that their symptoms are caused by their age.
One of my clients in her mid 70's, felt more tired that usual and needed afternoon naps 'because of her age.' I questioned her assumption, the GP confirmed she had low iron levels, and her energy returned after a course of tablets.

To keep a younger 'metabolic' age, do more!
1 move a little more
2 move more often
3 maintain muscle strength (planks, resistence, using bands, pilates)
4 maintain flexibility through gentle stretches
5 question your assumptions about age

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